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What even is Wealth?



an abundance of valuable possessions or money

a plentiful supply of a particular desirable things

ETYMOLOGY of Wealth:

Comes from weal (wealth, welfare & wellbeing)

And from well … happiness!

On the pattern of health!

I’m sharing this because in the online space, we can be very busy chasing our tails for the money piece

6 figure business
5 figure months
7 figure business

It’s everywhere and very often how we externalise success

Or even worth … value

More often than not, whilst sacrificing our health and happiness

Helloooooo burnout and thoughts of “when I get to 6 figures, then I’ll have more time / money / focus for …” fill in any blank you like (we’ve likely all said it)

So I propose a change

Where wealth is the focus

In every sense of the word

The kind of wealth that still allows 5 figure days, sold out launches, debts paid instantly

And happiness and wellbeing at the same time

This comes from ALIGNED WEALTH

Aligned means straight line

It’s about creating a column of aligned energy in you so that you are in flow and ease (not push and dis-ease)

In turn this creates the path of least resistance for money to flow

Alignment is the vibe where Wealth is created in the easiest way in terms of money, the healthiest way in terms of health and the happiest way in terms of desire

Are you ready for it in your life?