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The Magic of Duality in Business


The magic of duality is the blessing of flow

Harmonizing feminine and masculine energies is the creation of quantum leaps

The empowered union between the energies IS manifestation

For me I’ve always had this duality

you see it in my work with energy and funnels – for some it’s the polar opposite, for me it’s the harmony in the alignment

Harmony wasn’t always the way I created though – I embodied the masculine fully because I didn’t trust it. I was a control freak and hated not knowing everything.

At the same time, I was creating blocks to my feminine flow. I didn’t want any piece of connection to it because for me it symbolized pain, hospitals, dis-ease – it symbolized injustice

I have endometriosis – my body literally builds barriers to disconnect me from my feminine

Here’s what this means –

I kept pushing and pushing but I didn’t have the capacity to receive more

I pushed in the wrong direction and created from me head

I repelled relationships and pushed people away – I didn’t need any support because I was independent AF

I embodied the victim – I was a martyr – I gave away my power and sacrifice all my desires

until I stopped

And looked

I observed and witnessed

The relationships I had with men, with money, with time, with giving – it was distorted

The relationship I had with women, with my desires, with creativity, with receiving – it was distorted

If I had put these energies into people it would be a soul sucking relationship full of sadness and disappointment

That was the life I was creating

So I decided to change … consciously change all of it

Wanna know how?

Find out in the Alchemist’s Handbook here …