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Accelerate Your Energy & Business Expansion

Book your Personalised Catalyst Audit … let’s review where you are in business & the fastest way to get to where you would like to be.

Within 1 hour, you will receive:

>>> Clarity on HOW sustainable your current strategy is

>>> An insight into where time / energy / money could be repurposed more effectively … aka create MORE

>>> How to build your business for results in ASAP

All for ONLY £111



Group sessions for up to 6 people ONLY £44

Previous Client Results (with a fraction of this)

** $64k in 6 weeks

** £14k in day (in month 1)

** 2 5-figure launches in the first 2 months

** $15k in 5 days

**20 new clients within 8 weeks

**£20k in 2 months

**Sold out launches … yes, multiple!

**5 figure days

** 19 new one to one clients (after 1 call)

** $17k launch within 1 week

**Highest ever income day

**Highest ever income month!

** More ease, fun, alignment & consistency

A little about me … 

When I started this business, I invested in ALL the blueprints, courses & programmes … the result? Burnt out, broke and sacrificing time with my son

In hindsight, I also learnt a lot about what not to do and why it didn’t work for me, but that’s not helpful in the moment.

What REALLY changed the game for me was understanding alignment. More specifically HOW to integrate it in a way that serves me.

I read recently that “the primary goal of an entrepreneur is to stay in a mode that has the work feel easy” … this is exactly what alignment does for your business.

Now, my business is the most financially successful (6 figures cash in 3 months, consistent 5+ figure months & 54k launches) whilst working less hours than ever. More than that, I LOVE my business and the abundant success I feel in everything I do.

This work is infused with knowledge and experience gained from a marketing degree and masters in business, lecturing at masters level, corporate career in business development & marketing … 10 years running my own business including marketing (and rapidly expanding) other businesses … some offline, some just like yours. Infused with Human Design expertise, deep understanding of energetics, intuitive and psychic AF and so much more!