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Creating offers that sell like bees to honey


As creative Entrepreneurs with big hearts and a soul aligned message to get out into the world, we don’t always focus on the piece that will make the biggest difference to our soulmate client, the world OR our business

And I get it … even as a marketer and past-life corporate business development manager I missed this piece to begin with too

I spent time doing all the things and still making no sales

When I did, I was frustrated that the time and effort and energy it took to get the sale felt so out of alignment with the effort to get it

It was exhausting and more than once I felt like throwing it all out the window and finding a job 😱

I was showing up and connecting – a lot
I was creating content
I was buying all the courses that would take me to the next level
I was hustling hard

And still my bank account was a reflection of the opposite

Here’s the thing, I wasn’t focusing on the actual offer or how to sell it

I made assumptions that people would know what I sold and then ask me about it

that they would immediately understand the benefit of marketing and know what they wanted

That I wouldn’t actually have to sell 🤷🏼‍♀️

Then I tuned in

First to myself
Then my soulmate client
Then my offer

As soon as I did this, every offer I created sold out

Every offer I created was amazing to launch and sell and deliver

Every offer I created made huge transformations for my clients

This is when I discovered the importance of creating “bees to honey” offers that sell like hot cakes

Selling was easy. It was aligned. It was fun and it actually got results

Ready to share your magic with the world in a way that feels good?

Because the truth is… the world needs what you have right now