2021 … did you create all the things you wanted to?

Achieve those big goals? Consistent 5 figure months & beyond! 

Escape the feast & feminine … the burnout cycle?

If it’s a yes! I am celebrating you so hard

If you know how to scale from there, go do you boo … I don’t want anyone to waste time (it’s precious) 

If not, read on … seriously … you will thank me at the end

Here’s WHY you didn’t create what you set out to …


  1. We are in a new paradigm … what worked before, doesn’t work anymore (and definitely won’t moving forward) 
  2. Most courses are created to be FAST but not sustainable which creates an energy of chasing every month and burnout (or at least energy depletion which is exhausting)
  3. Very few of us are looking at AND changing the core coding that perpetuates this cycle … where your wealth increases if you do more, work hard and “masculine” energy your whole way there 


It’s not only you … it’s VERY common … but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it 

So many of us are jumping from a feminine coach who advocates leaning back, breath-work and crystal masturbation swinging full circle to a masculine coach who tells us to dig deeper, work hard and be realistic 

Your brain is overwhelmed, your body confused and your business stalled 

In the new paradigm, sustainability & integration rule!

A masculine strategy and structure to support your feminine intuition and flow 

The divine union of both energies, together with body & brain, head & heart, energy & empire, soul & strategy … I have loads of these, but you get the picture


Imagine a world where your audience grows with soulmate clients easily, your sales process fills you with excitement and the yeses come pouring in AND you are seen as the stand out celebrity in your industry … in less hours than you probably spend wrestling with Clickfunnels each week in an attempt to create the same result

A reality where your intentions are brought into reality and £10k+ months become the norm … maybe even a ‘low month’ 

This world exists … and it’s waiting for you … all you need is a CATALYST

A catalyst is an element that creates a reaction that happens at a faster rate

Consider this your business catalyst! 

This is the ultimate catapult into the spotlight with ready to say yes soulmate clients queuing up to work with you 

It is a 9 month integrated journey that includes one to one and group coaching, energetics and strategy as well as support in the creation of assets through a UK-based retreat.

By the end of this journey, you will have everything you require to build from solid & sustainable foundations … reaching the intentions you start 2022 with (even before you get to the end of 2022!)

Let me share the magic of Catalyst: The Mastermind with you >>>


Walk with me through the journey … it’s equal parts exciting, expansive and experientially magical!

Here is what we will cover >>>

Chapter 1: Alignment

Let’s start with the foundation of everything – the thing that removes resistance and efforting! This is the piece that personnalises the whole process for you … your energy & your strategy. Sustainability begins here.

Chapter 2: Audience

Without a growing audience, you are knocking on the same door to sell double glazing every day. Doesn’t matter how much you change the presentation or the window design, it’s the same door. Growing your audience is essential! In the changing paradigm, this is a key aspect of sustainability AND aligned selling with ease because so many people still search for the fast fix. You will discover & integrate the connection-forward strategy to create a sustainable business that will even work if IOS has 500 updates in the next 5 weeks! 

Business Alchemy:

>>> Visibility, judgement & vulnerability alchemy … we all have depths to go here! 


>>> Launch Catalyst (to sell fast) and High Value Offer Creation Workshop (to sell high!)

Chapter 3: Action (AKA sales!)

Sales! Building your confidence, alignment, integrity and power through the magic of selling! Selling is service. What once had a sleazy car salesman energy is now an empowered process that in itself facilitates transformation. It is fun, evolutionary and you will learn to love it (if you don’t already). 

Business Alchemy:

>>> Value, selling & money alchemy … hellooooo abundance! 


>>> Abundance Archetypes to understand the empowered feminine & masculine

Chapter 4: Authority

Step out as the go-to celebrity, shining star, guru … choose the one that resonates for you. This piece is usually not looked at and yet grows your audience and makes it easier for people to say YES to you. Let’s bamboozle everyone not focusing here and have everything working harder for you. 

Business Alchemy:

>>> Expansion alchemy … you can use this over & over for continued expansion


>>> I can’t reveal all my secrets 😉 I have something special for to connect with the most empowered version of you

Chapter 5: Expansion

What a ride! What’s next? 

We will map out how you move forward with expansion from this place to continue your sustainable business expansion. This includes ads training & paid expansion opportunities, Human Design informed team expansion guidance and THE BIGGEST CELEBRATION FOR YOUR JOURNEY!!


>>> Empowered Coding to build on what you have created!

What an epic journey!

Take a moment to feel into where you will be this time next year with all of this in place! 

The REAL magic in this is that you have everything in one place, The alternative is deciphering between the feminine coach and the masculine hustle (fingers crossed for that), hiring an agency to get all the assets created & implemented and still searching for some energetic healing, spiritual guidance and somewhere with a community of women who get you … get me? 


You can have it all in one place in a beautifully designed journey. How much ease do you really desire in 2022? Trust me, piecemeal does not create ease … or results! 

Here’s HOW it will be delivered:


Date: Starts January 2022 (duration 9 months) 

Location: UK

Investment: £5,000 (exc VAT) or  £500 (exc VAT) a month over 12 months

Availability: Max 10 people


>> Get instant access to me in Telegram (a month of extra support free)

>> Abundance Bundle to prime your alignment & business for rapid expansion in 2022

PLUS … for the first 5 people, you will get a FREE one to one planning session to map out your actions so that you hit the ground running!

Click below to join!

Previous Client Results (with a fraction of this)

** $64k in 6 weeks

** £14k in day (in month 1)

** 2 5-figure launches in the first 2 months

** $15k in 5 days

**20 new clients within 8 weeks

**£20k in 2 months

**Sold out launches … yes, multiple!

**5 figure days

** 19 new one to one clients (after 1 call)

** $17k launch within 1 week

**Highest ever income day

**Highest ever income month!

** More ease, fun, alignment & consistency

Enough with trying to bootstrap It ... 2022 is the year of expansion!

Here’s the truth

You will never find a package which is so holistically created for you yet perfectly synthesised so that you ONLY have to show up in your energy, navigate your expansion (fully supported) and stay in your zone of genius

If you invested in all these pieces individually it would take more time AND money (easily these elements alone are worth £30k+)

And if you wait until next year, what are you REALLY missing out on in the meantime

With all aligned expansion comes a little dose of fear … it’s natural … so if you are hovering over the invest button and would like support through the fear OR to ask questions, message me! 

PS you all know me ...

Only people I choose are seeing this page … so I already KNOW you are a great fit 

When I started this business, I invested in ALL the blueprints, courses & programmes … the result? Burnt out, broke and sacrificing time with my son

In hindsight, I also learnt a lot about what not to do and why it didn’t work for me, but that’s not helpful in the moment.

What REALLY changed the game for me was understanding alignment. More specifically HOW to integrate it in a way that serves me.

I read recently that “the primary goal of an entrepreneur is to stay in a mode that has the work feel easy” … this is exactly what alignment does for your business.

Now, my business is the most financially successful (6 figures cash in 3 months, consistent 5+ figure months & 54k launches) whilst working less hours than ever. More than that, I LOVE my business and the abundant success I feel in everything I do.

This work is infused with knowledge and experience gained from a marketing degree and masters in business, lecturing at masters level, corporate career in business development & marketing … 10 years running my own business including marketing (and rapidly expanding) other businesses … some offline, some just like yours. Infused with Human Design expertise, deep understanding of energetics, intuitive and psychic AF and so much more!