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Aligned Wealth Activation

3 Days to Step into the Frequency of Wealth

Welcome to Wealth

Let’s set the vibes! Welcome to this 3 day experience (you can also do it all in one go if you choose).

Let’s jump in!

Day 1:

The Frequency of Wealth ~ How to instantly align with the frequency of wealth

Day 1: Actions

  1. 100 gratitude list
  2. Become aware of how often you decide or act from “should” and what serves others
  3. Celebrate everything with feeling and intention 🎉🎉

Journal prompts

  1. If I was already living a wealthy life, I would be, do and have …
  2. My beliefs around wealth are …

– are these true?

– rewrite these to empowering beliefs 

Human Design

More information & where to find your chart is in the Marketing Playbook (click here to access)

If the bottom right arrow around the head is pointing to the left, you are a specific manifestor. If it’s to the right, you are a non-specific manifestor 💎

Day 2

The #1 reason most women block wealth … and how to remove it

Day 2: Actions

Journal …

What is my relationship with money and time?

What is my relationship with creativity and fun?

What do I believe about wealth?

Day 3: The Activation

Aligning you with the frequency of wealth in real-time

What’s Next?

3 week experience to embody the frequency of wealth & experience it in all areas of your life

Divinely Wealthy is for you if you are done with the blueprints, the money mantras and yoni eggs. You desire a way to actually integrate the feminine and masculine into your business so that you can create MIRACLES! This is the essence of quantum leaps.

Wealth means abundance, prosperity. Of course this in terms of income. It is also in terms of health. Wellbeing. Connection. Presence. Fulfilment. Joy. This comes when you embrace what it means to be empowered in your feminine AND masculine energies. Where the feminine energy is open to receive and you trust the masculine to provide.

The truth is that most women spend so much time actively working on how to attract more money and no time opening up to receive more (the feminine energy). Divinely Wealthy opens you up to receive and harmonises how your energies work in union to access a whole new level of wealth.

Here’s what Divinely Wealthy includes:

  •  Activating the energy of wealth
  •  Balancing masculine & feminine for superflow
  •  Embodying your personal aligned energy and using it for divine wealth creation with ease!

This is energy-moving and actionable! It is the ultimate foundation for your business.

Divinely Wealthy is the energetic shift to quantum leap your business without burning out. Bi-products of this work also include:

  • better relationships
  • weight loss (I lost over a stone and a half in 2 months by doing this work and no other changes!
  • manifesting amplified
  • healing (for me this journey actually started out by healing my endometriosis)
  • higher vibes … more fun … more flow as standard
  • more time … seriously
  • less panic anxiety and fear
  • increased self love – we are ditching shame, blame and guilt that we carry around so easily
  • a greater understanding of yourself and what you require

>>> Starts 10th May


Results operating in the New Paradigm …

What worked in the past doesn’t work now. The old paradigm is crumbling. The new paradigm has infinite possibility when you know how to work with it. Welcome to Divinely Wealthy! Because the Wealthy Spiritual Women really will change the world!

$54k Launch

$111 cash in 3 months

£20k in 8 weeks as a new business

20x ROI in 2 days

5 Figure sales day

20 new one to one clients (after only one call)

Quadrupled monthly revenue after one session

Highest ever revenue day

£14k ROI from £63 ad spend

Ready-to-buy leads for less than £7 for a £20k service (industry standard is £150)

Celebrity endorsements

Soooooooo much more.....

Divinely Wealthy begins 10th May …