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All about me

Pull up a chair, grab a glass of wine...

Hi I’m Shari….

Alchemist . Strategist . Dreamer. Explorer.

Come and tell me more about you, I love to connect


The Journey

We all have a story, a journey, and we are all still exploring, growing … flourishing. I am sure that my story is no different to yours as we all evolve.

I didn’t always embody these, as many of us don’t, especially in a traditional society. So I did the ‘expected’ … marketing degree, career, MBA and big corporate achievements. And I was stifled. I was always looking for a way to escape and to be free … I even got offered a job in Copenhagen as a Nanny so that I could explore!

Eventually, one of my biggest personal challenges became one of my biggest blessings (as often these things are). When I found out I was pregnant with the baby I was told I would never have, I was over the moon. The baby’s father was, until he wasn’t.

At 6 months pregnant and single, I moved from one end of the country to the other to be with my support network. When Archie was born, I still worked full-time although my commute was 400 miles and I was leaving my baby with my parents. Around that I also had a part-time pub job. When Archie was 4 months old, in addition to all of this,I started my first business – Green Jelly Marketing.

Green Jelly was great … apart from missing a couple of things like freedom and fulfilment. It did create flexibility which is what I wanted most and even though it was a 6 figure business, it was created from head and logic over my heart and alignment. This meant that outwardly it looked successful with an office and a team and high-level clients in London. Behind the scenes, I was disconnected and miserable! I had less time than ever with Archie and burn out was a regular occurrence.

A seemingly innocent conversation one day reminded me of my dream to travel with Archie. The remembering felt like a lightning bolt. From that moment, everything changed.

We moved to Bali and I started sharing my message of freedom. I stripped everything back to alignment and made huge changes to my business (because integrity is everything to me). Although these changes came with challenges. As soon as I chose to stop working with clients who were not aligned, the rest chose to stop working with me.

Again this turned into another beautiful gift because I got to create my business from the ground up in the Abundant Business way, with alignment infused everywhere!

Don’t get me wrong, it was scary and being the other side of the world with my young son and no money coming was terrifying. I always remember that fear is part of the up-level.

Within a year of this moment, my business is creating $25k months and I am living in freedom. More recently we have been living in the South of Spain and our journey of exploring the world, education and business … alongside evolving ourselves, continues.

The Facts

Here are some quick facts about me so we can be besties (too much?)


I am an Amazon number 1 author


My favourite food is sausage and I even have a “sausage lovers” page on FB


The duality I have swings from energy alignment and alchemy to funnels and stats as fast as a dog who spied a squirrel


My superpower is my “genius freak” (HD fans are all over this) which means I am here to bring in the new ways


I love the sea! Like REALLY love the sea … almost as much as the sun but not in a sunbathing way!


I have never seen GOT


Here are some personality quickies too in case that makes a difference


I am a generator with sacral authority and 5/2 profile




I am all up in Dynamo & Blaze


I am a Leo with a rising Aquarius (did somebody say duality?)


I am a life path 2 (with a whole lotta 1’s too … did I mention my duality?)

Come and tell me more about you, I love to connect!


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